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Monday, August 22, 2011

How to make your very own juggling balls!

FIRST!  Before you start, find all of these things,

If you don't, a mob of maliciously maniacal marching monkeys (say that ten times fast) will track you down and show you how to mambo, so you had better listen to what I say.

Next measure out 1/2 cup rice,

 put the rice aside for a moment and take out the grocery bag,

and cut off the corner,

like so,

now put the rice into the corner of the bag and twist up the top so that rice doesn't fly every where, 

and set it, twisty bit down, and forget about it for a sec. 

Grab your balloons, I would recommend 12 inch because they are the easiest, but a little smaller will also work.  Do not get the ones marked "water balloons" because they are way too small.

take out a balloon and cut off the neck, 

stretch the beheaded balloon over the bag of rice,

(Hmmmm... It appears that I forgot to re-paint my left thumb nail... oopsie.)

Cut off the neck of another balloon, 

A beheaded balloon!  EEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!

Now stretch the second balloon over the bag of rice,

do the same with a third balloon, 

A newborn juggling ball!

Once you've made your juggling ball you can add as much character as you like!  One interesting thing to do, is to add one more layer and cut holes in it,

In any variation that you like! 

Happy Juggling!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slightly faded

Do you recall this photo that I posted November 28th?
To get the stars up that high, I went into a coffee shop and asked if I could use one of their chairs for a photography thing, and the guy behind the counter shrugged and said, "yeah, whatever."  I lugged the chair down the street, and precariously balanced on it to stick some paper stars to the wall.
I walked past this alley today to see if the stars were still there, and was utterly delighted to see-

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm perfectly normal. 

That is, I was, until I lost both my sanity AND my wits,

Then  every thing went ABSURDLY  topsy-turvy 
The Atypical-Door was left WIDE open!  

                   And a single star emerged

The fairy saw it, 

 as it floated through the NIGHT.  

Things were getting stranger I just couldn't tell how. 

I asked the genie for advice, but he just chuckled, and sent me away.  

I was tearing my hair out in despair.. . .

Then I had an idea. . .

I scooped up the star like a kitten on Broadway, and tried to stuff it back through the Atypical-door,

The tendrils through the door reached for me,

And the pink skies lured me in like chloroform

But I resisted, and shoved the star back inside the Atypical-Door.

Now things are back to being absurdly mystifying and catastrophically Brilliant.  

And I couldn't be happier.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like a kid in a candy store

There is a brand spankin' new candy store!   Just look at all those barrels of salt water taffy!  So many flavors, I got one of every flavor.  However I still cant tell the difference between "Banana" and "Ripe banana", or "Cupcake" and "Frosted Cupcake".    What is "Chocolate Cowhide" anyway??

All of the different flavors had little pictures printed on the sides of them!  ALMOST too cute to eat!

This one was "Rose" flavored,

there weren't JUST taffies though!   What do American flags taste like?  Raise you hand if you've eaten one...No one?
There was even a little stage in the back where a magician performs!  The whole time I was in this groovy little store I felt like...well, like a kid in a candy store actually.

Friday, March 4, 2011