Chalk Photos

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The tangerine flew through the air,
looking much like an orange pear,
It gave me such a scare.

The tangerine fell to the ground,
it made such a sound,
the when I found it on the ground,
I took it straight to the pound.

The tangerine stayed the whole night through,
it seemed to give us all the cue,
that this, was no time for stew.

The tangerine began to soften,
the birds all sniffed at it so often,
that they took to quite a coughin'.

The tangerine molded to the earth,
like my grandma who gave me such mirth,
when she would say, "come sit on my girth,
and i'll tell you a story for all its worth."

But now she is one with the ground,
and I made such a sound,
when I found her on the ground,
for I think she is worth a pound.

The tangerine flew through the air,
it gave me quite a scare,
that silly orange pear.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ts a funny day, looking for laughter and finding it here.
When all this time, you've searched for love that was just around the bend.
A silly thing, looking for love and finding you here.
Silly, for I passed right over you, looking ne'er but here.
A misty day, drab and grey, and sleep has passed me by.
I'm sitting here, wide awake, waiting for you near.
When all this time, you have been, standing at my side.
Terrible, for it seems, you have passed me by.
Terrible, for it seems, you have gone the by.
You wrote I love I Love You on my heart, in your finest hand.
But all this time, I haven't read, wheat was there inside.
And so it seems, it be to late, to scratch I Love You on your wings.